Grandpa Sid and his Purple Heart

My grandfather, Chief Master Sergeant Sidney Roark, enjoyed a lifelong career in the US Air Force. His military duties brought my family from North Carolina to Cape Cod when he served as the air traffic control chief. He earned several recognitions during his career, but the one that always stood out above all of the others to me as a young grandchild was his Purple Heart. I knew you had to do something really special to have this recognition conferred upon you, and it wasn't given lightly. I'll always be proud of grandpa Sid for his distinguished service.

If Trump really understood the significance of the Purple Heart, and the challenges, the blood, sweat & tears that our brave men & women in uniform endure in service to this country, he would have done the honorable thing. He would have shaken that man's hand, maybe even given a heartfelt hug, truly thanked him for his service and sacrifice, acknowledged his gesture and returned the award that he hadn't earned.